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How does Refer a Friend work?

Refer a Friend is a referral programme that encourages users to share Milieu Surveys with others. 

  1. Your friend needs to enter your referral code (code is case-sensitive) upon registration for an account with milieu. It can either be via Facebook or email :)
  2. You will receive an email once they're successful
  3. They then need to complete 7 surveys
  4. Upon completion of these 7 surveys, you and your friend’s account will automatically be credited with 500 points each (we will also send another email notification)!

If you did not receive the initial email, there are a few possibilities:

  1. Your friend may not have keyed in the referral code accurately
  2. Your friend may have overlooked the section where they need to key in the referral code

Unfortunately, our system does not allow referral codes to be added into accounts manually for security reasons. However, the good news is that you can still earn points by sharing your referral code with others! :)

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